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In February, a federal judge ruled that the agreement negotiated by Mr. Acosta was contrary to the Victims of Crime Rights Act by notifying Epstein`s victims later. Asked why his office hid the plea agreement with Epstein from alleged victims, Acosta said a provision in the agreement that Epstein should pay compensation for the victims could have been used by Epstein`s lawyers if they had been publicly known to undermine victims in court by asking questions about their motives. The federal agreement with Epstein was not a typical criminal plea, but used a structure usually used in regulatory comparisons with companies. [2] In a statement, a member of the district attorney`s office described the approach as a method of referring to the Florida State`s earlier decision not to charge Epstein for the same activities. [50] Labor Minister Alex Acosta defended in 2008 a plea he oversaw as a U.S. attorney in Florida, in which multimillionaire and accused sex dealer Jeffrey Epstein received a slight punishment in exchange for plea for guilt on the state`s charges. For Mr. Acosta, the real question was how his defense would pass with the president, who pushed him to publicly declare his decisions as a prosecutor. Mr. Trump was assured by aides that Mr. Acosta had denied himself at his press conference and that the president had not immediately signaled any disagreement, advisers said. But the case is very uncomfortable for Mr.

Trump, who has socialized at one point in the past with Mr. Epstein, a citizen of the wealthy circles of Palm Beach and Manhattan. Epstein was arrested over the weekend and charged again in New York for abusing, manipulating and paying dozens of young women and girls, some as young as 14. He has pleaded not guilty. Alex Acosta, U.S. State Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, exercised "poor judgment" when he resolved a federal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein through a state-based plea agreement in 2008, the Justice`s Office of Professional Responsibility has concluded in a new report. Acosta has repeatedly stated that he was not directly involved in the unusual agreement, that prosecutors believed it was the best solution available and that he was "under excessive pressure from Epstein`s lawyers." He also argued that the Crown considered a conviction by a federal court unlikely, and an agreement would therefore be the best way to stop Epstein`s exploitation of underage girls. [41] [42] [43] Acosta, then USA

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