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The requirements in this section apply to all agreements, with the exception of marine terminal agreements and evaluation agreements. 1. All agreements and amendments to agreements between or between common shipping carriers covered in 46 CFR 535.502 must be accompanied by an information form completed to the extent necessary in sections 1 to 4 of this form. Sections I and V must be supplemented by all these agreements. In addition, Sections II, III and IV must, if necessary, be completed in accordance with the authority of each convention. Where a multi-agency agreement is subject to a dual reporting obligation in the various sections of this form, the parties can give only one response, provided that the reporting obligations of each section are fully fulfilled. The information form shows the data and information to be provided for each section, as well as the format in which it is to be provided. When a contracting party is unable to provide a complete response to an article in this form, that section provides either estimated data (with an explanation for the lack of accurate data), or a detailed justification for non-compliance and efforts to obtain the necessary information. Where one of the signatory states is a common service acting within the framework of an effective agreement, that signatory is, within the meaning of this form, the only contracting party to respond to the form. (g) the conference agreement refers to an agreement between or between two or more common shipping companies, which provides for the setting and compliance of uniform tariffs, taxes, practices and conditions for the reception, transport, handling and/or delivery of passengers or cargo for all members. This term does not cover common service, pooling, navigation, charter or space cover agreements.

(c) joint shipping agreements must not establish mandatory rules or requirements that interfere with the right of a member or member of the contract to negotiate or enter into service contracts. (d) The Act itself excludes certain agreements from notification obligations and empowers the Commission to exempt other types of agreements from any requirement of the law or this party. In order to minimize delays in the implementation of routine agreements and avoid the private and public costs of unnecessary regulation, certain types of agreements are excluded from the notification requirements of this party. Section III applies to agreements listed in CFR 535.502 that contain the power to discuss or agree on capacity rationalization in accordance with 46 CFR 535.104 (e). The parties to these agreements conclude parts 1 and 2 of this section. (a) The law requires that agreements be processed and verified after their first notification, within strict legal deadlines. This section aims to establish orderly and expediting verification procedures for agreements submitted in accordance with legal requirements. c) Contracting parties may ask the Director of the Information Exchange Analysis Office to determine whether a proposed agreement meets the general definition of a low-market agreement. (a) agreements and amendments to Article 535.502 agreements are accompanied by an information form containing information and data on the agreement and the authority of the parties under the agreement.

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