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(The literal translation would be "Gentleman`s Agreement/Gentlemanly Agreement," the "gentleman" has no article here (on "a" is "agreement") that speaks of gentlemen as a concept and not a particular agreement of people.) Putting something on the table is offering something during an English negotiation: showing something, offering, putting on the table a hearing example: we were able to present a new offer during the negotiations. "We were able to submit a new offer during the negotiations. The whole meaning of the Lord`s approval is that there is no guarantee, but the specific word of the people. (No contract, no official witnesses, etc.) But because they are masters, their word is almost as unbreakable, because their honour is more important to them than anything else - that is indeed the essence of the idea. But in the case of the gentleman`s agreement, there are no legal guarantees that any party can obtain if one of the parties abuses the situation. The ball makes sense in the court of (someone): it is the decision of another person or group to do something in English: it has the example of the ball: The ball is in the seller`s yard after the buyer has made his final offer. - The ball is in the seller`s court after the buyer has made his last offer. Do something: come out of an agreement, do not keep a promise in English: get out of something, not keep a promise: the architect withdrew from the project to visit the new building. The architect withdrew from the planned takeover of the new building. The shooting is to be at the top: the example dictates: everyone knows that it is the vice president who commands. Everyone knows the vice president dictates.

I don`t really dare translate "Gentleman`s Agreement" because it is so connected to British national sentiment that it is actually difficult to regain its importance. Many languages often say it simply in English if you want to mention it. - gentlemen agreement: an agreement that is not written, but which is concluded by two people or two groups who trust each other: for example oral agreement: I have concluded a gentleman`s agreement with the craftsman to come and help us next week. "I have made a verbal agreement with the craftsman come and help next week. Since we agreed with him, we overstepped his proposal at the meeting. "It was because we agreed with him that we supported his proposal at the meeting. Continue /with (a little) meaning: finish an action, keep a promise in English: keep your word, finish something like the promised example: Mr. Ross said that our working conditions would soon improve, but he never kept his promise. "Mr. Ross said our working conditions would soon improve, but he didn`t keep his promise.

to come to the raw end of the agreement, which means: bad action in a negotiation or similar situation "I saw that I was in the crowd a lot when I had my new job plan. The breakthrough means a success, which comes after the difficulty of the English: Breakthrough: There was a breakthrough in the conversations to end the miners` strike. - There has been a breakthrough in discussions on ending the miners` strike. to conclude an agreement means: successfully complete a negotiation in English: negotiation, successfully closed company Example: Julia had to work hard, but she was finally able to conclude the agreement. "Julia had to work hard, but in the end she made the deal.

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