Opseu Collective Agreement Salary Schedule

Shift work schedules must be pre-set at least four (4) weeks in advance. In the case of an unpaid absence of more than thirty (30) uninterrupted days, the service or notification credit is suspended for the purpose of salary increase, leave, sick leave or other benefit under a provision of the collective agreement or elsewhere; the benefits in question have been reduced proportionately in proportion and the staff jubilee has been adjusted accordingly. 6.1 The plan for short-term patients provides for a payment in accordance with Article 25. A worker who is ill during working hours during the compressed work week receives the full amount of compensation for all hours provided during periods when the centre is directly responsible for payment, and his medical credits are reduced accordingly. To obtain the full remuneration, a worker must have the medical credits under section 25. Once the timetable is published, the exchange of positions between workers in the same work area is permitted, provided that such an application is submitted in writing to the employer for approval prior to the exchange, provided that there is adequate coverage in the field of activity, given the number of staff/the mix of staff and the sharpness of the units. If a worker`s planned leave is interrupted due to a serious illness, injury or bereavement that began before the scheduled leave and is part of the scheduled leave, the period of illness, disatary or injury is, if any, considered sick or bereavement leave. A worker opting for pre-retirement options receives a pension of two (2) weeks for each year of service, up to a maximum salary of fifty-two (52) weeks. Flexibility of working time is only introduced when a mutual agreement between the worker who wants flexible working hours and the employer is guaranteed and the flexibility of working time does not violate part of this collective agreement. Flexible schedule conditions must be written down and can be settled by both parties with reasonable notice.

A worker who remains on the recall list may pay up to six (6) months after the end of the month of dismissal the full cost of the premium for a benefit or benefit, except for short- and long-term disabilities.