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If you think a personal situation can affect your work, it`s important to address it at an early stage - involve your doctor, union representative and supervisor before an assessment has been made. In this way, your union representative can more easily help organize housing for your situation, rather than trying to defend your credibility after the fact. My boss just held a staff meeting and announced that management has decreed that the benchmark for performance ratings is "successful" this year, so we should expect the majority of us to get that rating. It is important to understand that performance management is a shared responsibility between the supervisor and the employee. Both parties must play their respective roles and follow the guidelines. Your Local Union is here to give information and instructions to members as they navigate this new program. Since LDCs are now used as a government-wide instrument, there must be a basis for ratings, right? Performance evaluations are a management decision and are not in a position to participate in the union. Their assessment is not visible to other recruitment managers in government, so they are not really used as a government-wide tool, and everyone knows what paper-sliding waste is primarily in this system. Annual performance agreements and learning plans are important instruments. Through regular bilateral discussions between executives and employees, they help clarify expectations, promote employee engagement and development, and create a sense of common goals.

You allow managers and employees: so that at least where I work, if the performance of the person justifies a 4 or a 5 and you can defend it, give it. It doesn`t make sense to give an assessment to feed an average. He loses what he didn`t care about. If someone gives you a less successful one, they should probably be able to prove where you have not achieved your goals or skills and where you need to improve. Looks like your department has an overzealous board of directors. Out of curiosity, what service do you work for? An important point that is often misunderstood is this: signing the performance evaluation does not mean that the employee agrees with the evaluation - that means he has read the agreement. I do not think that is an acceptable position. There is no indication that our work unit (or department) is not meeting the goals on a large scale, which would happen if the majority of us did not perform well. I too am pretty sure you have to deal with potential performance issues with employers before giving them a bad assessment. A two-headed arrow rotates from left to right under the fourth field, indicating that the activities identified in the statement occur throughout the performance management cycle. Performance management is an ongoing process that includes planning, development, coaching, feedback and evaluation of staff performance.

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