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From: sapsd73 via sap-log-sd [] Sent: 13. September 2010 5:25 PMAn: Steytler ShireenTreff: [sap-log-sd] Retroactive discounts In the pricing procedure just above the net worth of the item, We will indicate a sub-total base "discount base" by indicating the value "7" for the "sub-total" field, which updates the discount base in the "KOMP" table and in the "BONBA" field. The discount criteria (customer, customer and equipment, etc.) A discount is a financial payment that encourages an organization`s revenue growth to increase. This is a payment from a seller to a buyer after the buyer has purchased goods in an agreed location, quantity or value of the seller. The discount is based on the volume of debitor sales over a certain time. After payment to Debitor, the "Cancelled Demarcation" field is automatically updated in the discount agreement with the amount paid to the debitor and also calculates the "maximum amount payable" that remains payable to the debtor. To view it, select the condition rate in the agreement and select the "Payment Data" icon. Path: SPRO---> Sale and distribution---> discount processing account---> technology for processing discounts. Setting-2: After establishing the agreements, the system calculates the deductions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount limits in the rebate agreement to see that few invoices are established. OSS NOTE 105681 New reduction procedureOSS NOTE 456458 Transaction VBOFOSS NOTE 075778 Notice of Advice: Treatment of discounts OSS NOTE 410579 FAQ: Processing discounts Payment mode: Indicates the standard method to pay the amount of the rebate to the customer. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc. The following steps explain the flow of SAP reduction processes: Timely and accurate remittance requests result in improved cash flow. I just updated our SAP system from 3.1I to ECC6.

I have the following problem for the discount agreement. So far, we have retroactively adjusted rebates via VOB3. After the upgrade, the system asked us to run VBOF to update the revenue rating to show value in VOB2. By running VBOF, this will also update the retroactive discount that has already been adapted via VOB3 in version 3.1I.

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