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Check discounts in SPRO, there is a special feature for retroactive discounts. You may have to start all over again for your discounts in ECC6!! Dear Sir or Madam, We are testing a scenario in our DEV system.  1. Discount created after the billing document, but the start date of the discount before the billing date. Has. When I run VBOF to update the discount contract, it tells me that the "new bonus procedure" is not active. So, in SPRO, I enable S136 with a synchronous update and run OLI9 to update the statistics. B. But now. In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: Discount management is the process of documenting supplier agreements, tracking purchases and sales against agreements, and managing provisions and remittance requests. The prerequisites for processing discounts in SAP SD are as follows: After payment to the customer, the "Reverse provisions" field of the discount contract is automatically updated with the amount paid to the customer and also calculates the "maximum amount to be paid" that remains to be paid to the customer. To do this, select the condition record in the agreement and select the Payment Data icon.

In the pricing process directly above the net value of the item, we specify a subtotal "Discount basis" by specifying the value "7" for the "Subtotal" field, which updates the discount basis in the "KOMP" table and the "BONBA" field. Dear Freinds, I created a discount contract for some customers and tried to use it. Everything`s fine. But when I try to see the reduction document system, the following message is displayed. Alert log details: Message No. Message vk780: Quantities sold are not up to date for the agreement #XXX Response: You are using the new discount processing procedure. This means that the file. I just upgraded our SAP system from 3.1I to ECC6. With the remission agreement, I am faced with the following problem. So far, we have made the retroactive adjustment of the discount via VOB3. After the upgrade, the system asked us to run VBOF to update the sales value to see the value in VOB2. Running VBOF also updates the retroactive discount, which has already been adjusted via VOB3 in version 3.1I.

Now I have the problem of double counting for my retroactive remittance. Please advise on how I can solve the problem. Thks. [Remission Agreement (retroactive) |] Parameter 2: After creating the agreements, the system calculates the discount provisions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount provisions in the discount agreement to ensure that it only creates a few invoices. Parameter-4: The condition type of the group. The condition type group specifies the types of discount conditions to use for the discount agreement. To configure this, go to; Note: The billing type "B3" is the same as "G2". Apart from that, we specify the value `C` for the `Discount Payment` field (partial billing for a discount agreement). >>. Why we need to run VBOF for these agreements, because the type should not depend on the volume of sales. Cancel provisions: If we activate this field, the "Reverse provisions" field will automatically appear in the discount contract with the amount of the discount paid to the customer.

It is always recommended to check this field. Valid valid suggested from/suggested valid in Specifies the default validity periods that the system automatically offers when creating the discount contract. The standard applicable from the date is very important to know whether or not we offer a retroactive discount. If we leave this field blank, the discount is valid from the current date. If we specify the value "first day of the year", the discount agreement is valid from the first day of the year, although the agreement is created on the current date, called retroactive discount. Retroactive remission agreements are nothing more than remission agreements created after the start of the remission period. So, to capture the value of sales that was made before discount agreements were created, the VBOF code is executed. VBOF will have a selection screen with the discount agreement and the period for which it is applicable and some other details. After running VBOF, you can check the sales volume in the discount agreement. To run retroactively, the discount agreement type must be enabled for the same. This is done with SPRO when defining the type of agreement. Create the "Partial Remittance Payment" (Credit Note) billing document with reference to "Partial Remittance Payment Request" using the transaction code "VF01".

I understand that VOB3 only works on documents that have already been billed, it will create proofreading documents. So, in VBOF, just make sure to select the unresolved agreements. When creating the discount contract for the customer, we specify the type of discount agreement. To do this, we need to define the type of agreement with the required functionality. Go ahead; I have updated a discount contract in the billing document. If I create a new subsequent remittance agreement similar to the original agreement and try to update the billing documents with VBOF, the system issues a log message with the inscription "No account specified for Article XXX". A discount is an agreement between the company and the customer that is valid for a certain period of time. The discount agreement defines the percentage of the discount offered to the customer during the specified period. The system calculates the provisions for each applicable invoice, records them in the corresponding G/L accounts and also updates them in the corresponding discount contract. At the end of the period of validity of the discount contract, the Company will refund the amount of the discount to the Customer. Discount on materials: It allows to record the condition of a customer / material and uses a quantity-dependent calculation. Okay, I know this question has been asked several times and I`ve gone through every thread, but I`m still stuck with this problem.

I`m running VBOF and trying to check the level of exploration and verification of my discount agreement in VBO2/VBO3, but I get the error that the sales volume is not updated or even exists. 2) When executing VBOF, the system updates the discount conditions in all invoices created before the discount agreement and also creates accounting documents. When I see the retroactive invoices, can I see the remittance conditions in VF03? When I try to run the VBOF report, I get the error for some invoices "No correction due to a change in value" and when I try to run VBO2 (Change Agreement) I get an error of When we create a retroactive discount agreement, we have to run the VBOF report to update the old billing documents. .

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