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If both parties live under the same roof during separation or divorce proceedings, there will likely be occasional tensions, even for the most consensual divorces. To reduce tension and make these transitions as fluid as possible, act as follows: first, we are the parents of children we have created together with love and intent. My spouse and I work two more than full-time jobs; We constantly juggle schedules and make sure we know who to look for where and when. The day revolves around meals, homework, extracurricular activities and sleep routines. The logistics of administering a family of five is quite difficult in a house. We agreed that managing this between two houses was more than we wanted, whether we needed it or that we can manage now. It wouldn`t serve any of us as individuals. It wouldn`t benefit the kids. Nor would it help a tension that sometimes remains between us. It makes sense to run this ship while we`re both on top of him.

To start divorce proceedings (which can only be completed after more than 12 months from the date of marriage), you must prove that your marriage is irretrievably broken by noticing one in five facts. Two of these facts are based on periods of separation (either two years with the consent of your spouses for the divorce, or five years). It is hard enough to raise children without taking into account a whole new budget, especially if that other household is not in a good situation. Between work, school, childcare and activities, families already travel constantly. In fact, the stress of managing too much stress may have been part of what made you feel the need for separation. While most partners jump to the decision to divorce, it`s important to understand that divorce is the last option, and before that, it`s normal to tell your spouse that you love him, but it hurts to be together and then opt for a separation. So avoid talking to too many people, as it could affect your judgment when you begin the process of separation from the trial. I am grateful that my spouse and I have always been on the same side as we want to raise our children. We have worked hard to set limits on the ideas of discipline, the values we want to convey, and to convey the expectations we bring to the attention of our children. We have always maintained a closed front and we will almost always support each other in front of the children to model this. If my spouse and I do not agree on one topic or if we have suggestions or criticisms of the other, we say these differences from the children`s ears. It will be the same.

We realize that it is sometimes difficult because of the undercover of stress that comes with separation, but our plan to focus on the children has helped. Setting boundaries and perseverance with them will help ensure that your separation goes as smoothly as possible. Take some time to create home rules, and keep your kids looping around at this difficult time to make the easiest transition. These situations can be very distressing, but by applying the above rules, they can bring serious benefits to the overall well-being of a living environment. Process separation is an important, life-changing decision. Once you choose to do so, make sure you are clear with the next step over time. One day after another. And since we didn`t predict it, I can`t predict where we`ll be in a month or a year. But we model how our children treat each other, even though we are faced with disagreements, great emotions and frightening unpredictability. We lead with open communication and understanding that will sometimes be difficult. We focus on creating a new normal while maintaining a family unit. Staying together while we split up is the most useful for us right now.

Decide what to tell the kids.

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