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The termination contract generally results in a 90-day suspension period during which unemployment benefits are not paid. The suspension period can only be avoided if the redundancy contract has been offered to a worker who has not been chosen as dismissal due to participation negotiations. It is always the TE office that decides the waiting time. It is important to read carefully the agreement to terminate the employment relationship and check with a lawyer before signing it. For the worker, it is important to clarify, among other things, the consequences of the terms of such an agreement and its impact on workplace safety. The worker must have a reasonable period of time to familiarize himself with the terms of the contract. The severance contract provides for the employee`s severance pay. The agreed amount and payment date are clearly stated in the contract. It is important to determine the correct amount of severance pay.

The assessment of legality is one of the determining factors, i.e. whether the reasons for termination of employment were legal or illegal. Other factors are the length of the working relationship and the age of the worker. The contracting parties must be clearly mentioned in the agreement. The agreement often covers the worker`s first day of work and his or her most recent duties and obligations. The agreement often contains a summary of the conditions that led to the agreement to terminate the employment relationship. As a general rule, the parties agree that once the termination contract is concluded, they must not have rights against each other on the basis of the employment contract or its termination. For example, once the contract is signed, the worker can no longer challenge the grounds for termination of his employment contract. The waiver of rights is generally one of the reasons why employers wish to enter into such agreements. Vastaanottava laitos-/yksikk-HR huolehtii, ett-jokaiselle Aalto-yliopistoon ty-suhteeseen tulevalle ulkomaalaiselle henkilelle laaditaan Aalto-yliopiston Hosting agreement. Accommodation arrangement on Suomen viranomaisten hyv-ksym kutsukirjeen kaltainen virallinen dokumentti. Hosting agreementissa meritellon vastaanottava yksikko, kutsuja ja kutsuttavan henkilon osalta muun muassa teht-v, palkkataso ja ty-skentelyaika Suomessa.

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