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Professor Brailsford admitted that he was jealous of the public sector of higher education. Auditors general in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have warned for two consecutive years that public university is dangerous for them because of its dependence on a domestic market. Professor Brailsford said he wanted to link university research, students and industry to three pathways. One of the key achievements of the new agreement on university enterprises has been the commitment to develop new workload models in 2019 based on increased consultation and staff participation. If you are an academic and would like to engage in the faculty`s work committees that will advance this development process, please contact the NTEU Macquarie Branch. Before academic and professional staff feel too comfortable, you should remember that a business agreement is not worth the paper on which it is written, unless it is implemented on time and in a manner consistent with the spirit and intent in which it was negotiated. Thank you for speaking to Ms. Tanya Anderson - HR Advisor, Recruitment and e-mail training on While we have been working angrily to negotiate professionals (at this time), ntEU Macquarie is also working on some important new provisions of the new agreement on university enterprises. These include: enterprise agreements for academic and professional services provide for the establishment of both an academic staff (ASIC) and a consulting professional (PSIC).

These committees are composed of equal union representation and management representation and are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and implementation of the agreement provisions. They are also important forums for discussing a wide range of employment issues and concerns. The ability to manage big data turns out to be one of the best skills among higher education graduates in the Top 100 Graduate Employers 2020 magazine, which was published today in the Financial Review, as one of the best demand skills in the Top 100 Graduate Employers 2020. Almost none of its employees are members of the National Tertiary Education Union, but Professor Brailsford said they were receiving a base salary similar to a group of eight academics on which a single-in-all-in-pool bonus. Long-time teachers at the university receive a senior bonus. The new enterprise agreement also contains a much better and more comprehensive process to have your individual workload checked where you are not satisfied with your workload allowance. Members should not hesitate to use this process (see paragraph 18.16) if you are unable to agree on a workload in accordance with EA principles. Bond, based on The Gold Coast of Queensland, is a private non-profit university that expresses three terms in one year, much like the University of New South Wales. In 2018, the university has deployed $31 million for facilities and equipment compared, for example, to a leading member of Go9, the University of Melbourne, which is in the middle of a $2 billion Capex program.

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