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Consider whether you have a common law right to terminate the contract. Common law termination rights may differ from contractual rights. For example, an aggrieved party may terminate a common law agreement as soon as there is a rejection, without giving the party the opportunity to remedy the infringement. Clear wording in a treaty would be necessary to limit or remove common law rights and remedies. On the other hand, if the contract is terminated by the non-failing party on the basis of an explicit contract law and the infringement does not result in an infringement, the non-failing party is not allowed to claim future losses. In these circumstances, the loss of future profits is not due to the violation, but to the complaint of the victims in the exercise of their right of contractual termination. Clear words are likely to be necessary to prevent a party from exercising its general legal rights in order to terminate the contract for breach of refusal. It is an application of the principle of clear words. Suppose you terminate a contract. They say there was a violation. The right to terminate may arise from tacit notice or a response to a breach of refusal. Tacit termination and appropriate termination in commercial contracts is implicit only when it is obvious and necessary to confer commercial validity on the contract.

It is much more likely that he will be terminated for a violation of the refusal. Some contracts adopt a two-step sanctions system using the credit system described below (see Box 5.31). Each injury accumulates certain points (the amount of points, depending on the relevance of the offence) and, as soon as the accumulated points reach a certain threshold, the penalty is applied (or other corrective measures are taken, which have financial consequences for the private partner, for example. B enhanced surveillance). A right of termination may also be created in common law in the event of non-compliance with an "intermediate period".

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