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It has been more than 12 months of negotiations and all parts of the SNCT (teachers` unions, local government and scottish government) are pleased that a final agreement has been reached. All parties also agreed that the wage component of the agreement would be implemented as soon as possible. A salary offer was agreed on the SNCT on May 30, 2019. For more details on the agreement, click here. John Swinney, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education in the cabinet, said: "The formal agreement of this agreement will bring a fair pay increase that teachers deserve, and I am pleased that all parties have reached a consensus." The full formal wage agreement can be found on the SNCT website or on the following pdf: "All that remains is that [the agreement of the Scottish local authorities] as an employer formally accepts the proposal at its meeting of Heads of State and Government on Friday [29 March 2019] and then makes an official offer via sNCT. We look forward to concluding the agreement later. All parties also agreed that the wage component of the agreement would be implemented as soon as possible. Employers and the Scottish Government are working on the teachers` side to reach agreement on a common SNCT commitment to review the size of positions within the time frame of this revised offer. In the search for this review, we are aware of the changes taking place in Scottish education, such as those resulting from the school-building agenda, the themes highlighted in the recent report of the Working Group on Head Training and the ongoing work on the career development of teachers and headteachers. EIS Salaries Convener Des Morris, also President of the SNCT Teacher`s Side, said: "We are pleased that, after lengthy negotiations, a wage agreement has been reached on the SNCT." "The best way to tackle these reforms is through cooperation between all components of education.

This pioneering agreement brings together a partnership with local authorities and professional organisations to address critical issues, as well as an agreement on salaries. It is an agreement that eliminates the risks of collective action, provides the stability we need to create the reform that scotland`s education system needs and will deliver the best possible results for our young people. "The campaign has been a considerable success and has now received an improved proposal that will increase teachers` salaries by at least 10% by April of this year compared to current scales. Our members supported this proposal by an overwhelming majority, so that TBEI will now decide to formally conclude an agreement. A meeting of expanded joint chairs was held earlier today. COSLA and the Scottish Government have submitted a revised offer that took into account the need for a universal offer for all teachers, but has still not been below teachers` wage demand. As expected, the Scottish Government has agreed on a multi-year treaty. "Reform is at the heart of our plans to improve Scottish education, and this pioneering partnership agreement will provide the stability we need to deliver the best possible results for our young people." "The broader agreement we have reached with TBEI is particularly welcome.

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