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(Source: Many of these fees are illegal, and you don`t have to pay them. Also, you`re not alone in dealing with this. The shady practices of some rental water heaters are well known and documented in Ontario. In fact, they are among the most common consumer complaints to the Ministry of Consumer Protection in Ontario. One element of the Bureau`s investigation focused on Enercare`s policy and practice in recycling water heaters, including compliance with Enercare`s written commitment. Customers who signed contracts with Enercare prior to the launch of BOULC in 2010 have the option of terminating their contract by returning their water heater to Enercare without paying a redemption fee. As a first-time buyer, Mendola admits she didn`t know how much a water heater would cost. "I paid for it for six months, and my father saw one of my bills and thought it was high." If you opt for CLARITY by Walker ClimateCare, you are on your way to a water heater property with 12-year-old parts and a work warranty. regular maintenance and a 100% service satisfaction guarantee allows you to trust consumer protection in Ontario, that, apart from what we have identified above, you should not be subject to a purchase, penalty or equipment charge if you return your old heating to rental water. In particular, the Bureau considered allegations that Enercare`s return filing policy resulted in delays due to under-occupancy of its deposits, the number of unpredictable hours and/or the arbitrary refusal of Enercare depot staff to return the water heaters. With respect to its agency verification policy, the Bureau reviewed Enercare`s policy of requiring a 48-hour period before agreeing to the return of a water heater subject to restitution by a competitor. Evidence gathered during the investigation indicates that Enercare would attempt to contact the customer during this period, when contact with the customer was not necessary for Enercare to accept the return at the expiry of the window.

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