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● The contract must be signed and dated by both the patient (or a power of attorney) and the caregiver. Defining the roles and responsibilities of the caregiver is an integral part of the personal care agreement. With this precise definition of your role, you can extend the care as well as possible. You know exactly how many hours per day/week you need to give to your new role. You can also propose other conditions that you want to add to the legal agreement. The personalized care agreement defines the boundaries and the caregiver becomes clear about the expectations about them. Suppose the average cost of a nursing home is $5,000 a month, and a parent pays $30,000 to a family caregiver in three years and then applys for Medicaid. A stressful conversation for every family is what happens to money when a parent gets sick, and serves as the primary reference person. One method for discussing difficult topics is to organize a family reunion. The healthcare team finds themselves in a comfortable place, around a table with room to distribute the documents discussed.

(Using technologies such as Skype can help involve family members who live far away.) A well-organized meeting can offer family members common support and a better understanding of the decisions to be made. If you don`t feel like you`re diplomatic during a care interview, you should use a mediator to manage conflicts between family members. Indeed, mediators are often necessary, because when a family member acts as a formal janitor for a loved one, it highlights the underlying family dynamic, which highlights serious family problems such as preference, competitiveness or jealousy. A mediator can help maintain a fair and balanced conversation about care so they can move forward productively. The precise definition of the appropriate standards of care for a loved one and the responsibilities and limitations of the care provided by the caregiver avoids any ambiguity for the benefit of all parties concerned. A care contract should always include a general overview of information on place of care, data and hours, expenses, payment terms, remuneration and benefits. Below is a discussion of the specific details to be dealt with on each of these general themes: the CDPAP allows older people or their family members to choose their guardians. Through this program, the senior (or their representative) assumes responsibility for all administrative aspects of care, including the recruitment, training and supervision of caregivers.

The inherent flexibility of this program makes it attractive to many families. To register with the CDPAP, the attending physician must complete a medical order for services and submit it to the local service area. Then, a social and care assessment must be carried out. Approving a personal care contract is a good way for the caregiver and beneficiary to compensate for the terms of the relationship. It is up to the families to decide how much to pay by a family assistant. If you look at how much a public health authority or other third-party company would charge to provide similar services, that`s a good place to start. And the money a family would pay to a home health agency so that helpers could provide similar services would instead be paid to a family assistant. .

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