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The apartment rental agreement is used when someone wants to rent a single unit in an apartment complex, not the entire property. Such rental contracts must be drawn up carefully, with clauses relating to the right of access to common amenities and the rules of the residents` association. Yes, in accordance with Rule [5] of the TNRRR Rules, the parties notify the rental authority, in the prescribed form, of the expiration or termination of the rental agreement within fifteen days from the date of expiration or termination. Yes, it is highly recommended to make a lease before renting. Failure to have a lease signed by both parties leads to legal inefficiencies in the event of a dispute between the lessor and the tenant. To establish the lease in Chennai, you must indicate below that the notarized rental contracts are not identical to the registered documents. In the event of a dispute between the lessor and the tenant, the court will not allow a notarized agreement as evidence. It is therefore important to have the lease properly registered. No, it is not mandatory to certify a lease in Chennai. A house rental agreement, a well-developed contract, should exist before a house rental begins. Yes, this fee usually applies to the maintenance of common facilities such as the clubhouse, swimming pool, etc., provided by the apartment. (1) Unless otherwise resulted in the rental agreement, the interest rate that the tenant must pay to the lessor on rent arrears and other taxes to be paid is 8% (8%) per year. It is an agreement that is followed by the landowners to seal the leases/leases for only 11 months in order to avoid registration of the contract with the competent local authorities.

Previous rental agreements were only required to be registered if the term was longer than 11 months, but it is now mandatory under the new Rent Control Act to register a lease to make it valid. Therefore, a landlord is required to register the lease only for 11 months. In accordance with section 4-A of the Act, if the rental agreement is not registered with the rental authority, the contract may not affect any immovable property, nor to take over or obtain, as proof, a power of acceptance or proof of a transaction that concerns such property or confers a right. Yes, all rental contracts must be notified to the rental office, regardless of the duration of the lease. . . .

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