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American pilots are not happy with the new deal and say management has exhausted it. First of all, I think it is very unlikely that we will see a similar agreement for a working group other than the pilots, either for JetBlue or for other airlines. Media:JetBlue Corporate Communications+1 JetBlue is the hometown of New York and is a leading airline in Boston, Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue carries more than 40 million customers a year in 102 cities in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America, with an average of 1,000 daily flights. For more information, see "With the entry into force of the final provisions of the treaty on January 1, we are focused not only on implementing the treaty, but also on defending the treaty through the dispute settlement process," said Captain Chris Kenney, president of the Pilots` MEC. We were able to inform the pilots of the details of the contract and how to proceed in case of violation of the terms of our agreement. Jeff Martin, Executive Vice President of Operations at JetBlue, issued the following statement on the news: "We are pleased to have reached an agreement in principle with ALPA. I would like to thank both negotiating committees for their hard work in reaching this agreement. In addition to personnel issues and the number of new pilots in the field, MEC officials also addressed pilots` concerns about smoke and cabin odor events. JetBlue pilots have reported many such events. Some pilots had to see a doctor and use the complaint process to obtain compensation for injuries in their workplace.

There are probably some trade-offs in this area. I`m not sure they take the form of pilots who agree to pay for fewer hours, or whatever. JetBlue pilots have reached an agreement with management that would satisfy almost all employees of the U.S. airline at this point. In a communication shared with its pilot group, the Master Executive Council notes that several aspects of the agreement are confidential. But MEC also assures members that the agreement "does not contain any changes to the CBA`s rates of pay or substantial changes to the work rules." Due to the news of this exceptional protection for pilot staff, JetBlue shares rose 3.3% today at the start of trading. Of the 21,000 employees, about 3,600 are pilots. These workers will be relieved that their jobs are protected in these incredibly uncertain times. Regardless of that, it`s a win for the drivers. This promises jetBlue pilots to keep their jobs in the pandemic for well over a year (the CARES law lasted six months, and that goes for another seven months). Well done. Vessels flow the lips.

If you really want transparency, a union may not be the best thing to do. It could cost you more and much less for union leaders. Personally, B6 pilots should party. At the end of the day, they kept their jobs for almost a year. .

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