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In particular, the developer retains ownership and retains all concepts, techniques, specific skills or pre-programmed routines, technologies or codes developed, used or written for the purposes of the contract and/or forming part of the developer`s know-how, free from use. Upon final delivery and provided that the price is paid in full, the customer will be granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the developer of the basic rights and foreground rights to the extent necessary for the operation of the services of the contract and their consultation by the intended users. 4.2 After final delivery and for a period of months after final delivery, the customer must impose and maintain credit to the developer on the homepage of the site. Credit to the developer is designed by the developer and placed on the home page, but must be in the form and content that is reasonably acceptable to the customer. The credit also contains a hyperlink to the developer`s website. This warranty remains fully in force and effective until .... "Price" has the importance given to it in clause 8.1 of the Special Conditions. The construction, validity and execution of the contract are subject in all respects to Belgian law. All disputes relating to the Treaty fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels. "Website" means the collection of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) pages, server sites (ASP, PHP, JSP, ASPX, ...), files, images, dynamic information and machine-readable object code as it exists at the time of this Agreement, as well as all future changes and additions mentioned above, which have been agreed in writing by the parties; This sentence rubs me so much that I almost don`t know where to start. Thus, from the outset, the words "should" can be simply replaced by the conditional "if". The independent clause, which contains examples of team agreements or subcontracts, is more rhetorical and is not necessary.

There is no reason to insert the parentheses around the letter S, just use the singular "succession agreement". Write the condition as a clear "yew". then " instruction. Finally, the following agreement must refer to the NDA, and in my experience, they almost never do and almost always contain their own privacy rules. . . .

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