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You have understood the position correctly. You give credit for benefits in your financial loss on a like-for-like basis. If you have care, care benefits and the same are taken into account for mobility. You do not really collect these benefits, they are deducted from the financial loss you have in charge. The future losses you can claim depend on expert evidence in your case. When I was an employment consultant, I dealt with a number of settlement agreements (as they are known today). Payments made under concord agreements are almost always considered a "payment at the end of the employment relationship" and are subject to Chapter 3 of the ITEPA 2003. These are the same rules that cover severance pay (and if more than £30,000 of the deductible is taxable). It should be examined whether the financial agreements with this extension of universal credit need to be reviewed, in particular where the parties receive tax credits. Orders are often placed taking into account the support payments paid to spouses when they receive a tax credit, but the amount of support may no longer be sufficient if Universal Credit is introduced. I`m in a similar situation when it comes to THE CPU.

I`ve always worked, I lost my job because of a settlement agreement and a layoff in March, so I`ve said since. Every month they didn`t do it properly, during my first month they didn`t check the kids, so I was classified as a single adult. The 2nd month was the cost of housing. This month, my previous employer sent my p45 saying that I left in April, when I left in March, so my final salary from March is taken as April, etc. For the first time, there is no rent. It`s completely confusing. The only advice I can give is to put your coach/case manager in the journal, explain the situation to both employers and get them to register. You can find more information in our article Does a settlement agreement affect your right to claim benefits? I have a penalty payment and I`m on labour tax credits, and just recently I was granted PIP. I am not entitled to a housing allowance or other benefits since I have worked all my life and have already paid 43 years of NI. .

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